Interac e-Transfer® Request Money Explained

Posted on October 30, 2023

Interac e-Transfer® for Business has reshaped the way Canadian businesses move money. As a secure, efficient, and rapid means of moving funds in an increasingly digital payment landscape, the use of Interac e-Transfer for Business among enterprises has been steadily climbing.

 In fact, Statistics Canada found that 50% of organizations are readily accepting it as a method of payment. 

Among the many features Interac e-Transfer delivers, Interac e-Transfer® Request Money stands out as a powerful tool for enterprises to integrate into their existing business processes. 

This article will explore how Request Money with Interac e-Transfer functions through VoPay's payment API, shedding light on potential use cases for enterprises.

What Is Request Money with Interac e-Transfer? 

The Request Money functionality essentially allows an organization (or individual) to request a payment from a person or a business entity. This request can be made using their email address or a valid Canadian mobile number, provided they have an eligible bank account with a participating Canadian financial institution.

The recipient of the request can then ultimately accept the request for money, and funds will be deposited into the sender's account, or the request will be denied. 

Through a single API integration with VoPay's platform, any client can utilize the Request Money solution to collect funds of commercial limits of up to $25,000 quickly and securely. 

How Does The Request Money Functionality Work? 

Interac e-Transfer Request Money streamlines the consolidation of accounts receivable workflows for businesses, facilitating efficient payment collection at any time, any day of the week. Merchants can personalize their requests by including their company name, invoice number, or a customized message. Payers can effortlessly select their bank of choice and accept the payment by logging into their account. When the payer accepts the request, the merchant gains immediate real-time access to the funds, ensuring swift and hassle-free transactions. 

How Request money with Interac e-Transfer Works

Understanding Request Money For Businesses Transactions 

Consolidating Accounts Receivable Workflows

Chasing clients for payments can take time and effort, straining a company's human resources. With Request Money, businesses can revolutionize their accounts receivable workflows by easily sending payment requests to customers, individually or in bulk. 

Interac e-Transfer Bulk Receivables are guaranteed to make managing the financial operation easier. For bulk requests, VoPay clients can create requests by securely uploading files or utilizing an API. These payment requests are transmitted to clients via email or text and can be scheduled on a recurring basis, simplifying the process of collections.

Collection of Funds Owed 

One of the critical advantages of Request Money is the seamless collection of owed funds from clients. Businesses can include essential details such as invoice numbers, purchase order information, and due dates when sending payment requests. These details are crucial for swift and accurate reconciliations, facilitating a hassle-free transaction experience. Furthermore, clients of VoPay can closely monitor each payment's progress through comprehensive daily reports accessible via the user dashboard, ensuring transparency and efficient fund management.

The Benefits Of B2B Payments 

The Request Money functionality is a valuable asset for high-volume businesses.  As mentioned above, the ability to initiate bulk requests will positively impact a company’s resource management. Real-time transactions deliver enhanced cash flow visibility, and payment processing becomes more manageable, helping businesses scale. 

Request Money Industry Use Cases



Lenders can offer a simple and convenient way for customers to make loan repayments using Request Money. The lender can set up one-off or recurring requests for payment and exceed customer expectations by utilizing a service they are already comfortable using. 

Property Management

Landlords and property management companies can use Request Money to streamline rent collection in the property management sector. They send payment requests to tenants, who can easily authorize rent payments using their preferred bank accounts. This simplifies the rental payment process, reduces administrative overhead, and ensures that rent is received promptly.

Professional Services

Law firms, consulting companies, and other professional service providers can use Request Money to invoice clients. They send payment requests with detailed invoices, making it easy for clients to review and authorize payments. This simplifies billing and payment processes, reduces the risk of payment delays, and enhances client relationships.

Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesalers and distributors can optimize their payment collections by using Request Money in B2B transactions. They send payment requests to retailers and business customers, who can promptly settle invoices through their banking accounts. This speeds up payment processing, reduces paperwork, and strengthens relationships with business clients.

Education and Training

Educational institutions and training providers can use Request Money to collect tuition fees and training course payments from students and participants. They send payment requests for enrollment fees, making it easy for students to authorize payments through their bank accounts. This simplifies recurring tuition and fee payment process and ensures timely payments for educational services.

Legal Services

Law firms and legal professionals can utilize Request Money to bill clients for legal services rendered. They can send payment requests with detailed invoices, allowing clients to pay their legal fees promptly. This streamlines the billing and payment processes within the legal industry, reducing delays in receiving payments.

Non-Profit and Charity Organizations

Non-profit organizations and charities can leverage Request Money to collect donations and contributions from supporters and donors. They send payment requests for charitable donations, making it convenient for supporters to contribute funds through their bank accounts. This simplifies the donation process, helping non-profits raise funds more efficiently.

Integrate Interac e-Transfer for Business Solution Using VoPay's Payment API

From swift and convenient money transfers to enhanced financial control and security measures, transform how monetary transactions are managed. 

Harness the power of Interac e-Transfer for Business using VoPay's API solution today! 

Access VoPay Interac APIs here and Schedule a consultation with a Fintech Expert today. 

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