Future-Proof Your Growth: 7 Key Payment Questions for Today's Digital CFO

Posted on January 2, 2024

As you scale your digital platform, efficient payment management is as crucial as any other business aspect. For instance, consider how Netflix impressively manages 238.39 million paid subscribers.

If your aim is to increase your user base by thousands or even millions, the way you process and manage your payment flows becomes pivotal. 

Choosing the right payment processing partner and strategy is key to supporting growth and enhancing user experience, setting your platform up for success in the competitive digital landscape.

Here are the top 7 questions every company should be asking:

How To Scale Your Payment Operations

1. Scalable Infrastructure

Will your payment infrastructure have the ability to manage a significant increase in transaction volume without compromising performance?  This includes ensuring uptime, reducing latency in payment processing, and payment security. What about managing payments when it comes to diverse or customizable billing structures? Does your platform have the capabilities required to grow successfully? 

2. Payment Data Clarity and Efficiency

How transparent is your payment data orchestration? Ensuring a smooth payment flow and transparent transaction tracking is essential for user trust and operational efficiency. Precise data helps identify trends, troubleshoot issues, and make informed decisions.

3. Security and Compliance

What measures are in place to secure payment data? With the increase in customer data and digital payment transactions, ensuring the security of payment information and compliance with data privacy laws is critical. Breaches or non-compliance can lead to significant legal and reputational damage. 

4. Accounting Processes and Operational Efficiency

How much time and effort is spent on failed transactions, expired credit cards, and involuntary churn? Consider the workforce hours dedicated to reconciling payment data and managing recurring billing cycles. Automation and intelligent payment infrastructure save time, reduce the risk of errors and significantly minimize churn rates. 

5. Handling Increased Transaction Volumes

Can your current system manage a 30-40% increase in transaction volumes without issues? Scalability isn't just about handling more users; it's also about managing the increased volume of transactions that come with growth.

6. Multi-Channel Payment Diversity

Does your platform offer multiple payment solutions, or is it limited to just one? Different markets may have varying preferred payment methods. Adapting to these preferences such as digital wallets, direct bank payments, Interac e-Transfer® for Business etc.) without complicating the payment process is necessary if you want to expand into new markets. 

7. Operational Consolidation

Are you relying on multiple systems for back-office functions? Functions like digital onboarding, risk and compliance, accounting, reporting, and data insights must be consolidated for better management and efficiency. Multiple systems can lead to fragmented processes and data silos, hindering scalability.

We Can Help

As your digital platform grows, you need a payment solution that keeps pace with your needs. VoPay's technology is designed to handle complex payment tasks effortlessly, so you don't have to.

Our single, scalable API easily integrates with your platform, combining payment processing, commerce tools, and financial services.

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