How Does Bulk e-Transfer For Business Work?

Posted on July 3, 2020

You can access our bulk e-Transfer service through our developer-friendly API and easily send thousands of near real-time payments with just an email.

You'll get the ability to send up to $25,000 per payment to multiple recipients simultaneously with real-time acknowledgement and daily status reports. You can send unlimited e-Transfer 24/7, 365.

We're proud to partner with Interac to power our bulk e-Transfer service and provide businesses with a seamless payout solution to meet their operational needs.

Product Features

Sending a Payment: In order to send Bulk Interac e-Transfers, you only need the recipient’s email address. With Bulk Interac e-Transfer businesses can send single or multiple Interac e-Transfers through our API.

Tracking & Reporting: Businesses receive a real-time acknowledgement, processing summary and daily status reports, including the deposit of funds, and statuses of pending and cancelled transactions.

How It Works?

  1. Businesses only require the recipient’s email address or cell phone number to send money (no financial information of recipient is required for payment).
  2. Once the payment is sent, recipients are notified by email or text message.
  3. Recipients can deposit their payment at the financial institution of their choice by answering a security question.

Key Benefits

Easy Signup Process: No recipient banking information is required.

Increased Funding Limits: Unlike regular Interac e-Transfer bulk e-Transfer has a $25,000 per payment limits.

Near-Real Time Funding: Send funds in near real-time or within 30 minutes.

Highly Scalable: Send up to 100,000 e-transfers per day leveraging an optimized process.

Quick Reconciliation: Real-time acknowledgement and daily status reports.

Seamless Integration: Access the service through our developer friendly API.

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