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How Does Visa Direct Work?

VoPay Visa Direct

You can access our Visa Direct service (AKA VoPay Istant) through our developer-friendly API or payment portal to send real-time payouts to almost any Visa Debit cardholder in Canada 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Last quarter global Visa Debit spend was up 20% to $1.2 trillion while credit was down 9%, to $1.1 trillion. 

There are several use cases for the payment service including:

Earned Wage Access: Employers can send real-time payouts of earned wages to workers’ eligible debit cards 

Lending: Lenders can offer a real-time loan funding option and exceed customer expectations when they need money quickly

Insurance: Optimize the insurance claim payout process and maximize customer satisfaction 

Gig Economy: Companies can give gig workers the option to receive speedy payouts for their work 24/7/365

Product Features 

Speed: With Visa Direct, funds can be available in a recipient’s account within 30 minutes of transaction approval—all day, every day.

Convenience: Seamless payments to the card your customers already carry in their wallets.

Security: All Visa Direct transactions are processed via VisaNet, protected by Visa’s multi-layered security.

Fully Customizable: Visa Direct can be fully integrated through the VoPay API for a seamless end user experience to fit your brand needs so you stay top of mind.

Cost Effective: Visa Direct is a low cost alternative for cheques, ACH, and EFT, with half the administrative work and paid in real time. You not only save on payment method cost, but also on resource and management time so your team can focus on what really matters.

How It Works?

Businesses only require the recipient’s Visa Debit card number to send money (no financial  information of the recipient is required for payment). Recipients automatically receive funds in their Visa Debit account within 30 minutes with no action is required on their part.

Key Benefits

Easy Signup Process: No recipient banking information required.

Real-Time Funding: Deposit funds within 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quick Reconciliation: Real-time acknowledgement and daily status reports.

Market Presence: Leverage Visa’s large cardholder network,

Other Payment Tools: Access to end-to-end EFT payment solutions including bulk e-transfer.

Seamless Integration: Access the service through VoPay’s developer friendly API.

Get In Touch

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Open Banking Around The World

Open Banking Around The World

In recent years open banking has become associated with the digitization and transformation of the financial services sector. New regulations have been one of the major drivers, starting in Europe before quickly spreading around the world.

Open Banking has the potential to accelerate the quality, competition, and distribution of financial services for both individuals and business. On the heels of milestone acquisitions by Mastercard and Visa of Finicity and Plaid respectively, fintechs are hurrying to build financial data rails across African FIs and beyond.

Which regulatory frameworks are enjoying the most success? What are the unique challenges in establishing financial data connectivity on the continent? Who will be the next Plaid of Africa? Find out by registering for the CLA’s Global Open Banking panel on October 15, 2020.

Below is a look at the current state of open banking around the world:

Also, next month our Founder & CEO Hamed Arbabi will be joining Microsoft and Payments Canada to discuss the current state of open banking in Canada and what the future holds. Register now for the panel discussion and learn more about our open banking payments solution which allows you to accept instant bank account verified payments, improve funding speed and reduce NSFs with sufficient account balance visibility.


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