Case Study: VoPay's Payment Tech Spurs Growth & Donations for GiveWise

Posted on January 17, 2024

In the current fast-paced economic climate, Canadian charities face a dual challenge: an increasing need for services and a worrying decline in donations. This problem is further compounded by the inefficiencies of traditional payment processing systems, often seen as a significant obstacle to smooth financial operations for charities and nonprofits.

Our recent case study, "How Advanced Payment Solutions Give Charitable Giving A New Look,” explains how advanced payment technology helped this platform increase its user base by 28%, contributing to a 48% increase in individual donations year-over-year.

Giving The Gift of Easy and Secure Online Payment Donations 

The experience donors have with your charity are compared to their experience with the Amazon’s and Netflix’s of the world. This means that they are now expecting personalized and relevant communication journeys, easy payment experiences, and intuitive website design.

Canada Helps - The Giving Report 2023 

GiveWise has leveraged VoPay's technology to smooth out the payment experience for both the donor and the charities that utilize their platform.  

By using VoPay’s advanced EFT payment rail and virtual wallet technology, GiveWise delivers an enhanced payment journey for both donors and charities in the collection and disbursement of funds.

The Impactful Results: Digital Payment Technology Leads to a 48% Surge in Donations 

After implementing VoPay’s intelligent payment technology, GiveWise witnessed a significant 48% increase in individual donations. This improvement in payment donation management not only resulted in better financial management for charities but also helped the platform expand its user base by 28%.

Join the ranks of organizations that are excelling in the digital age. Our case study on VoPay & GiveWise offers a roadmap to success with digital payment solutions.

Download now and redefine what’s possible for you and your users.

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