SME FinTech Adoption By The Numbers

Posted on October 9, 2020

In today’s New Normal both advanced technology and legacy businesses are looking to faster-integrated payment methods to enable them to offer a seamless experience to their customers. Payment technologies need to provide a flexible, real-time, and transparent experience that can operate at scale.  In the new economic environment, payments need to transcend physical and manual interactions to become easily embedded into a simple payment technology layer between the bank, the service provider, and the business. With that in mind, we wanted to look at small to mid-size business fintech adoption including payments. The numbers below are from 2019 so you can expect an even high adoption rate in all sectors this year.

Our payments as a service offer multiple payment solutions through our single API including Visa Direct which enables real-time payout experiences with the scale and security of the Visa network. With a direct connection to the end-users bank account, Visa Direct is an ideal solution for paying gig-economy workers exactly on their terms when they do the work, and offers online marketplaces the ability to improve their selling experience with real-time payments. Learn more here about VoPay's payment service offering.

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