ONE:ONE with MICC Financial's Jonah Chininga

Posted on October 2, 2020

Welcome to our ONE:ONE blog series where we sit down with thought leaders and pioneers in the fintech, payments and open banking space.

We set down with Jonah Chininga, Co-Founder and Business Development Officer at MICC Financial, Canada's first digital rotational savings platform that helps groups of people save money, access capital, and build credit. 


1. What’s one thing everyone should know about MICC Financial?

MICC is a platform for people and communities to work together to achieve their financial goals.

2. What’s your role at MICC Financial?

I focus on business development and managing the overall operations and resources of the company.

3. What gets you most excited about the VoPay MICC partnership?

Working with VoPay has allowed us to provide frictionless payment options to our users. MICC vision is to expand beyond Canada and VoPay provides us with instant access to a global network of local banking payment infrastructure.

4. What does the future of financial services look like?

In the near future, I envision a sharing economy embedded in every part of the financial system. This will be driven by customer intelligence and peer-to-peer transactions, enabled by partnerships between traditional banking institutions and FinTech companies.

5. Who is your fintech/ tech hero and why?

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square & Cash App. He has built an ecosystem that redefines the world’s relationship with money by making it universally accessible. I’m impressed with how Cash app has become the fastest growing financial brand in the world. 

Learn more here about the VoPay + MICC Financial client announcement.

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