March 4, 2024
The Best Way To Send Money: EFT vs Interac e-Transfer® Bulk Payments
The Canadian economy has witnessed a significant volume of transactions through two major payment methods: 3101 million transactions were executed...
January 2, 2024
Future-Proof Your Growth: 7 Key Payment Questions for Today's Digital CFO
As you scale your digital platform, efficient payment management is as crucial as any other business aspect For instance, consider how Netflix...
November 15, 2023
The Ultimate Checklist: How To Choose A Payment Technology Partner
Managing the complexities of money movement is no simple feat Payment systems are inherently complicated and include a multitude of critical...
November 8, 2023
How To Fix The 6 Biggest Challenges Businesses Have With Pre-Authorized Debits
In a B2B environment, the difference between a digital pre-authorized payment process and a traditional paper-based process is substantial  The...
December 17, 2020
Most Viewed Payment Infographics of 2020
This year has been marked with incredible resilience, recovery, and innovation with the payments industry playing a vital role in supporting...
June 25, 2020
Banking and Payments For Gen Z Infographic
Gen Z is the most interested in digital payment products and services of any generation While adoption of mobile wallets has been relatively slow...
May 15, 2020
A Cashless World Infographic
Our friends at Payments Canada recently conducted a survey that showed how the pandemic has dramatically shifted Canadians’ payment habits As we...
May 3, 2020
Accounts Payable By The Numbers Infographic
A staggering amount of money is spent on Account Payable (AP) processing because of payment inefficiencies In fact, 80% of SMB still pay their AP...
February 10, 2020
Payment Security Through Tokenization Infographic
Tokenization adds a layer of security to sensitive payment information, such as bank account and credit card details It protects sensitive data by...
November 29, 2019
Credit Card Vs Bank Account Payments Infographic
Credit cards dominate e-commerce payments but Canadian businesses want to offer their customers more payment options We've put together an...
March 12, 2024
The ACH Merchant Account from VoPay: US Bank Payments Reimagined
Through VoPay’s expansive network of alternative payment methods, businesses can access their own dedicated ACH Merchant Account for sending and...
November 10, 2022
Canadians Still Use Close To A Billion Cheques Each Year
Paper cheques are costing us a fortune And that is not an exaggeration  Even our government is feeling the pain Recent news reported that...
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