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Posted on November 29, 2023

We’re big believers in user experience, not just in the payment realm, but anywhere that people interact with technology, platforms, and businesses. 

We’ve been helping software platforms and enterprises deliver outstanding payment experiences for almost a decade, providing embedded payment rails, bank connection flows and simplified billing experiences.

VoPay’s technology was built to solve complex money management and provide complete visibility into financial transactions. Our comprehensive solution is available via APIs and a user-friendly interface called the VoPay Portal. Businesses can use one or the other or both! 

Our mission was to make it as simple as possible, regardless of the technical abilities of the user. When the time came to overhaul our own platform UI/UX, we wanted to do something special - Introducing VoPay Portal 2.0. 

Starting from the ground up, we created a whole new look and feel for our VoPay Portal, which is used by hundreds of businesses every day to manage payments and facilitate money movement.

Our goal was to retain the proven functionality of our previous Portal while giving it a complete refresh, complimented by some new features to make everything easier for our users.

Built On React; Made In Canada

The new Portal, now built on React, was developed with these core elements in mind:

- Speed & Reliability - As you scale your business and transactions start flowing, we knew we had to deliver a platform that could keep up. Do everything faster so you can spend less time on admin and more time growing. 

- Security & Privacy - The security of our customers and end users has always been a top priority at VoPay. The new portal brings with it enhanced security measures to keep all account data safe and protected. And we’re SOC2 compliant to boot!

- Resources & Learning - Managing transactions can be complex, so we wanted to make everything easier for our users so they can use our technology with confidence. We’ve put together video tutorials, FAQs, and PDF guides so your team can get up to speed as quickly as possible.

By furthering our commitment to these core components, we continue to focus on what our customers need in order to achieve their goals.

Not Just A Pretty Face

In addition to these core updates, we have also spent a great deal of time adding new controls and features to the Portal:

- New Contacts Section - Completely redesigned, we’ve created a more intuitive way to manage your contacts and speed up your payments to individuals and groups.

- New Scheduled Transactions - We’ve added dedicated controls for scheduled transactions and recurring payments to make subscription management even easier.

- Enhanced eLinx Features - Onboarding new customers has never been easier. Our new eLinx Payments and History overview section offers a comprehensive snapshot of your linked accounts and statuses related to eLinx.

- Updates To Account & Billing - Clearer account and billing settings with account information in both CAD and USD, complimented by a new download feature for easy file export.

These updates are the result of continuous efforts to provide a payment technology platform like no other, and we’re just getting started.

Over the next few months, we will be rolling out a multitude of new features and enhancements, continuing to build on the new foundation we have put in place.

Look out for the following enhancements coming very soon:

- Enhanced Reporting

- Debit Authority Customization

- Custom Notifications

- Transaction Approval Settings 

- White-Labelling Enhancements

- And Much More!

Unrivalled Uptime So You Never Miss A Payment

We continually strive to guarantee the reliability and durability of our technology, providing our customers with a dependable platform enabling growth on the payments side of their business.

Our historical uptime for both APIs and Portals is over 99% from the last year. 

When our platform was down, it was for scheduled maintenance that lasted just a few minutes.

We’ll always keep our users informed when maintenance is set to take place, and you can subscribe to our status page here to see our historical uptime.

See The VoPay Portal In Action

Sometimes seeing is believing when it comes to technology, which is why we would like to invite anyone curious about how VoPay works to jump on a demo call with one of our Fintech experts.

Our team will demonstrate the entire platform, from adding contacts and collecting payments to managing transactions and creating reports.

Book a demo here with our expert Fintech team to learn more.

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