Grow Your Business With Embedded Payment Partnerships

Posted on April 11, 2023

Canada's payment market experienced 19.7 billion transactions to a total value of $10.8 trillion. Every company can capitalize on this market, and this article explains how. 

Embedded payment partnerships have become one of the fastest ways to scale and grow a business. As integrated payment opportunities take hold, not just ISVs and accounting software solutions seek to get in on the action. 

Everyone from aggregators to credit card issuers, acquirers and fintechs of all kinds sees the value of partnering up with the right payment solution.   

Is This Your Business Story?

1. Use Case: Managing Collections and Disbursing Funds

In the role of product manager at a real-estate or insurance vertical SaaS platform, you are known for your innovation and your ability to disrupt your industry. Your platform allows users to manage collections of rent or, alternatively, to disburse insurance premium payments. However, your users are struggling with the actual movement of money and are complaining about slow settlement times.

2. Use Case: Using Integrated Payments as a Distinguishing Feature

As an executive overseeing and managing the effectiveness of your accounting automation platform, you are a leading organization. However, your space is growing increasingly competitive, and you are investigating payment solutions as a way to gain the upper hand. Integrated payments allow you to strengthen that competitive edge.  Access to localized Account-to-Account payment rails delivers new market advantages. Unlike other payment providers, VoPay offers a fully integrated experience allowing businesses to instantly connect to all major payment rails in Canada and U.S. Consider the advantages gained if your organization is based in the U.S. and yet you can access methods like Interac e-Transfer® solutions for Canadian counterparts.  

3. Use Case: Pay, Track, Reconcile Smarter and Faster

You are an outsourced accounting service provider for a large number of small businesses. It is your role to help your clients standardize their accounting processes through ERPs like Xero, Quickbooks, and Freshbooks.  You are looking to enable your clients with more payment methods, including faster real-time payment solutions for receivables, payables, as well as payroll.  Gain the high impact of partnering with VoPay. Onboard all your clients to VoPay payment rails to give clients a better experience and save money. Work smarter rather than harder. Cut down the time spent on payment reconciliations and collections, delivering better margins, so you can focus on building your business instead. 

Does your story sound like one of these? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The Right Payment Technology Partner Will Power Up Every Business

For close to a decade VoPay has worked at building high-value payment partnerships across Canada and the U.S. 

We have established relationships with top-performing industry players and technology leaders. We have become the payment partner of choice, helping organizations identify and capitalize on current payment trends while navigating consumer expectations in an omnichannel world. 

"VoPay has been a company we have wanted to work with for some time. The issues for Canadian businesses and consumers with cross-border payments have been well documented, and we are looking forward to changing this landscape with VoPay."


Payments modernization is no longer a maybe — it has become a must-have. 

The payment experience has evolved from a basic functional process into a personalized, intuitive experience. For this reason, the PaaS model has taken off--it solves a huge pain point by streamlining the payment process for users.

The surge in the payment space is undeniable, and partnerships have become the way to harness it while at the same time taking advantage of it. 

Payment Partnerships Explained

Payment partnerships are the path forward for meeting and exceeding consumers' expectations. Customers expect a fluid, secure payment journey. Partnering with a third-party payment provider will reduce costs ( lower transaction fees), increase profit (revenue sharing, new markets), offload the burden of KYC and compliance, and improve cash flow (faster processing and settlement times). 

ISVs can integrate payment processing directly into their software, improving customer experience and increasing revenue. 

Referral partners can offer their customers a more comprehensive set of services by referring them to a payment partner, earning additional revenue while providing added value to their customers.

PayFacs, partnering with a reputable payment provider, can help them manage the complex and highly regulated payment processing process, ensuring that they meet all regulatory requirements and offer a reliable and secure payment processing experience for their customers.

At VoPay, we do a proper deep dive to understand our partner's business model and tailor the best partnership opportunity that suits their organization's expertise. Our integrated payment solutions offer a streamlined payment processing experience for businesses of all kinds.

How do we know this?  It’s simple; it’s because payments are what we do. The VoPay platform is designed to manage the full cycle of money movement, from payment and approvals through reconciliation and accounting.

Leverage Partner Relationships For Exclusive Benefits

Whether you’re a company that wants to grow your customer base or a veteran business owner who wants to expand their current footprint, there’s no way to do it without the right strategic partnerships in place.  A payment partnership with VoPay can be a powerful tool. 

1. Referral Partner

Payment referral partnerships enable businesses to make transactions more accessible for their clients. Referral payment partners are fast becoming known as a win for all. They not only benefit the organization but the end user as well.  

As a VoPay referral partner, you have access to state-of-the-art payment tools and resources. We’ll help you enhance your customers’ payment experiences, generate revenue streams and kickstart growth.

VoPay's Payment Partnership Dashboard

2. Integrated Partner

We want to integrate with providers of all kinds to deliver a fuller, feature-rich financial experience with mutual benefits for all parties involved. We are keen to continue building on our solutions with industry innovators like the ones we have with  TurnKey Lender or Plexflow. VoPay’s embedded technology layer allows Software-as-a-Service platforms to package and resell payments. White labelled, all behind the scenes for a fluid on-brand experience. 

payment partnership client dashboard

3. PayFac

Deliver frictionless, white-label experience for your customers, wherever and however they do business. We make API integration simple and provide expert support every step of the way.

Why Enter Into an Embedded Payment Partnership with VoPay? 

You gain access to an entire suite of payment processing capabilities through a single API integration. VoPay delivers frictionless workflow automation and superior customer experiences with a scalable B2B payments platform. We’ll help you diversify your payment offering, add new revenue streams, attract new customers and scale your business for long-term success.

Monetization Opportunities and Generate Revenue Boost 

Monetize your core payment offerings with value-add services. Integrating a payment processing API enables you to partner with other businesses and share transaction profits. As a result, your income gets a boost as you earn a percentage of the transaction fees for each sale. What would otherwise go to a third-party processor is now added to your bottom line.

Flexible Payments To Navigate Market and Competitive Threats 

Payment method flexibility is an approach to payments solution that enables merchants to quickly respond to market and competitive threats by accommodating a variety of payment options. A customer who is forced to pay a merchant only by means of one specific payment method may begin to seek out alternative providers who offer additional payment choices.

Solve Payment Pain Points and Satisfy Customer Demand 

Shifting the payment processing work to subject matter experts. Streamline the entire process of underwriting and onboarding yet remain in complete control.  Contracting, billing, and payment support have become a heavy drain on organizational resources.  A robust payment partner can take on the workload and remove the administrative burden. 

Access The Insights and Data Your Need 

VoPay’s user-friendly, intuitive partner dashboard is mission control for account management enabling complete visibility over sub-accounts and transactions all in one place.

Through our partner portal, partners can see earnings from a referral or transaction fees when managing commercial agreements. 

You can assign or create a billing package for accounts, meaning you have a turnkey billing/invoicing tool that can help you generate invoices for your clients. You can add, manage, and oversee every client from one easy-to-navigate dashboard. 

Ready to Talk Partnerships?  Contact Us Today! 

Together with our partners, we provide expert solutions that deliver organizational growth and ensure value throughout our entire partner ecosystem.  

Learn about our partnership programs. 

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