The Pros And Cons Of ACH Payments

Posted on April 30, 2024

Are you looking for a new payment solution to add to your toolbox? Business-to-business ACH payments have emerged as a cost-effective and secure alternative to traditional methods. 

 This quick read explores the pros and cons of B2B ACH payments to help you decide when and how to use them with your software solution. 

What Are The Pros and Cons of ACH Payments?

While we have seen a significant increase in ACH debits and ACH credits in the last few years, most enterprises are beginning to understand that there is no perfect solution. The best option is to have many payment options at your fingertips. This ensures an organization has the flexibility to offer the payment method that suits their needs. 



ACH payments stand out as a cost-saving option. They are significantly less expensive than wire transfers, checks, and credit card transactions. This affordability extends to both setup and transaction fees, making ACH a budget-friendly choice for businesses of all sizes.

ACH vs Cheque vs Wire Transfer

Optimized for Recurring Billing

ACH payments excel in scenarios requiring recurring billing, like subscription services or memberships. Their automation simplifies transactions, conserving time and resources for businesses and customers. Furthermore, ACH stands out for its cost efficiency, offering a financially superior alternative to credit card processing for recurring and subscription payments.

Increased Security

ACH payments surpass the security of paper cheques by incorporating advanced features like tokenized payment data. This higher level of security reduces the risk of fraud, providing peace of mind for both businesses and their customers.

Eliminate Failed Payments and Chargebacks

Choosing ACH payments over credit cards offers a dual advantage—avoiding the higher fees and expiry dates associated with credit cards while also benefiting from enhanced ACH payment features such as instant verification and real-time transaction updates, which reduce failed payments and chargebacks. This makes ACH an even more stable and cost-effective choice for recurring billing scenarios.

Faster Settlement Options

While traditional financial institution ACH payments can take up to five business days to settle, VoPay’s payment API processes ACH transactions much faster. 

  • VoPay Standard ACH processing in one to three days.
  • Same-Day ACH processing, which can be processed the same day. 
  • Real-time ACH payment processing that can be processed instantly. 
Same-day ACH Payment

Integration with Accounting Software

ACH payment API technology easily integrates with popular accounting software, simplifying reconciliation and record-keeping. This saves businesses significant time and effort compared to manually entering data, bulk loading files, and reconciling CSV files.


Adapting to Processing Times

Although VoPay’s standard ACH payment technology reduces ACH processing times to 1-3 days and offers Same-Day and Real-Time options, businesses prioritizing instant transactions may still notice a slight delay. However, companies still prefer this option thanks to lower fees and increased security, which is particularly valuable for high-volume or recurring payments. 

Cross-Border Payment Limitations

While ACH payments excel in U.S. transactions, their international reach is limited, nudging businesses towards a more varied payment strategy. However, VoPay bridges this gap by offering access to EFT, Interac-e-Transfer, Push-to-card and other methods, expanding ACH's utility in a global context.

The Lag In ACH Confirmation Times

Traditional ACH's delayed confirmations can strain businesses, affecting cash flow and customer relations. VoPay counters this with same-day and real-time processing alongside a portal for real-time transaction insights and payment retries. This approach alleviates confirmation delays, meeting the urgency in today's business transactions.

ACH Reversal Risks

ACH payments, secure by design, face potential reversal risks from errors or fraud, posing challenges for businesses. However, with VoPay Verify, VoPay's payment technology introduces an effective countermeasure. Leveraging micro-deposits for bank account verification significantly enhances transaction security, mitigating risks related to fraud and inaccuracies and thereby reinforcing the trustworthiness and efficiency of ACH payments.

Continuous Adaption 

The ACH network's ongoing evolution offers advancements in security, speed, and integration but also demands swift adaptation. VoPay's ACH payment technology seamlessly bridges this gap. It allows businesses to embrace the latest ACH enhancements directly within their platforms, sidestepping potential hurdles while ensuring improved security and processing efficiency.

ACH Payment Comparison

Ready to supercharge your software’s payment process with a market-leading ACH payment API? Get started now.

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