Product Updates

Product Updates

VoPay Product Corner: White Label Merchant Accounts

VoPay Sub Accounts

Welcome to the first edition of the VoPay Product Corner, your source for the latest product features we’ve added to our payments platform to help you digitize bank payments with speed, transparency and traceability.


We recently added the ability for our approved clients to onboard as many of their own merchant accounts (sub-accounts) that they need. Think of it as on-demand merchant accounts that are completely white-labelled. Each sub-account acts as its own merchant account that you control and have full visibility over, including separated reconciliation reports.

• User-friendly merchant account application form
• New merchant account approval within 1 day
• Complete visibility across all merchant accounts

Built For You

This product feature is ideal for loan management platforms and marketplaces who need to create on-demand merchant accounts while controlling the onboarding client experience, maintaining account ownership and having multiple levels of financial reporting.

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