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The Accounts Payable Digitization Opportunity

Accounts Payable Opportunity

The numbers below make it clear there is still a significant opportunity to optimize the entire accounts payable process. From eliminating paper invoices to paper checks, the urgency to shift to a paperless back office has never been greater. Let’s take a look a the current state of the accounts payable:

VoPay offers several payment services that make it quick and simple to move to a 100% paperless accounts payable process. In fact, our payment solution offers real-time payments, bank account verification and full visibility into each transaction with enhanced reporting. The paperless revolution is here!

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The Digital Payments Surge

Digital Payments Surge

This month the Bank of Canada designated Interac e‑Transfer as a prominent payment system which means the payment service will now be regulated by the Bank of Canada and highlights the importance of digital payments for both consumers and businesses, particularly during the pandemic.

In 2019 Interac’s e-Transfer system recorded approximately 486 million transactions worth about $169 billion. Those numbers are expected to dramatically increase in 2020 for both consumers and businesses with the current trends we’re seeing:

E-Transfers can allow businesses to move blocks of money around at a low cost and can provide a cheaper alternative to credit cards and offer much faster funding times then EFT payments. VoPay offers bulk e-transfer for business through its developer friendly API or directly through its payment portal. Learn more here.

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The Best Way To Send Money: EFT VS Bulk e-Transfer

The Best Way To Send Money

EFT and bulk e-Transfer payments are both ways for business to seamlessly send money to customers and manage accounts payable. We decided to put the two payment services side by side for comparison. Which one do you prefer?

Both EFT and bulk e-Transfer payments are available through our API and payment portal along with Intelligent EFT (iQ11), our industry leading open banking payments solution. Learn more here!

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How Does Bulk e-Transfer For Business Work?

VoPay Bulk e-Transfer

You can access our bulk e-Transfer service through our developer friendly API and easily send thousands of near real-time payments with just an email.

You’ll get the ability to send up to $10,000 per payment to multiple recipients simultaneously with real-time acknowledgement and daily status reports. You can choose to send up to 1,000 e-Transfers in near real-time or send up to 100,000 e-Transfers overnight.

We’re proud to partner with Interac to power our bulk e-Transfer service and provide businesses with a seamless payout solution to meet their operational needs.

Product Features

Sending a Payment: In order to send Bulk Interac e-Transfers, you only need the recipient’s email address. With Bulk Interac e-Transfer businesses can send single or multiple Interac e-Transfers through our API.

Tracking & Reporting: Businesses receive a real-time acknowledgement, processing summary and daily status  reports, including the deposit of funds, and statuses of pending and cancelled transactions.

How It Works?

  1. Businesses only require the recipient’s email address or cell phone number to send money (no financial information of recipient is required for payment).
  2. Once the payment is sent, recipients are notified by email or text message.
  3. Recipients can deposit their payment at the financial institution of their choice by answering a security question.

Key Benefits

Easy Signup Process: No recipient banking information required.

Increased Funding Limits: Unlike regular Interac e-Transfer bulk e-Transfer has $10,000 per payment limits.

Near-Real Time Funding: Send funds within the hour or overnight depending on volume.

Highly Scalable: Send up to 100,000 e-transfers per day leveraging an optimized process.

Quick Reconciliation: Real-time acknowledgement and daily status reports.

Seamless Integration: Access the service through our developer friendly API.

Get In Touch

Schedule a chat with one our product specialist to learn more!

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Banking and Payments For Gen Z Infographic

Generation Z Payments

Gen Z is the most interested in digital payment products and services of any generation. While adoption of mobile wallets has been relatively slow among the general population and P2P apps, like Venmo and Zelle, are just now gaining traction among older users, Gen Zers have already embraced the technology. More than half use digital wallets on a monthly basis and 3/4 use other digital payment apps or P2P apps.

2/3 of Gen Zers have a bank account but many don’t yet use debit cards, haven’t aged into credit cards or loans, and aren’t responsible for the bulk of their own spending. As they mature there is a prime an opportunity for providers to engage these customers.

VoPay is a leader in payment innovation offering a single API that instantly connects businesses to global banking and payment networks with speed and transparency. Learn more here to meet the payment needs of Gen Z!

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What The VoPay + Plaid Payments Platform Partnership Means For You

VoPay Plaid Platform Partnership

Last week we announced the next phase of our partnership with Plaid which saw us become a platform partner. What does that mean? Well, it’s now even easier to implement our payments API that layers Plaid’s data over top of our core payment engine to deliver the most powerful API based EFT payments solution in the market improving funding speed. Also, you maximize payment security and avoid storing sensitive data through our payment data tokenization structure:

Payments made faster, more efficient and more Secure

VoPay + Plaid payments provide businesses six key benefits:

  1. Bank Account Verification: Verify users identities and authenticate bank account prior to the transaction.
  2. Reduce NSF: Reduce NSF fees by having visibility into bank accounts available funds.
  3. Reduce Input Errors: Auto-fill forms with identity data when users link their bank accounts.
  4. Transparent Tracking: Get full visibility into each transaction with courier package like tracking.
  5. Faster Payments: Validate transaction status and access to funds within 24 hours.
  6. New Revenue: Offer on-demand products and services to retail clients.

Are you an exisitng Plaid client?

You can take advantage of your existing data integration with Plaid by leveraging your data tokens and have your users skip all the authorization access and bank account selection steps, streamlining the payment check out experience. You’ll need to sync your data aggregator account with VoPay to enable this.

Getting started

Interested in evolving your existing EFT payments solution to give you real-time data to make better business decisions? Visit our dedicated product and API documentation page to get started or to learn more!

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How Do VoPay & Plaid Payments Work?

VoPay Plaid Payments

We’ve teamed up with Plaid to help make payment processing faster, more efficient and more secure. Before we dive into how it all works let’s get to know each of them a bit better.

Meet VoPay

VoPay is a leader in payment innovation, digitizing direct bank payments with speed and transparency. The VoPay Platform enhances how digital platforms initiate and accept financial transactions using a single, open API.

Meet Plaid

Plaid is a technology platform and data network that enables applications to connect with users’ financial accounts. They focus on lowering the barriers to entry in financial services by making it easier and safer to use financial data. Today, they support developers across North America and Europe.

How VoPay + Plaid Payments Work

VoPay layers Plaid’s Auth, Identity, Balance, and Transactions solutions over top of its core payment engine to deliver the most powerful EFT payments solution in the market.  The result is a seamless payment experience with reduced NSFs, verified bank accounts and improved payment speed.

Current Payment Challenges

There are three main hurdles when it comes to existing EFT payments:

1. Lack of visibility: Paper checks or electronic payment systems for bank account payments do not allow visibility into the bank account at the time of the payment.

2. No traceability: Businesses accepting check or electronic payments can not track the payments, the status of the transaction or when the funds will be available.

3. High risk: The current paper check and electronic payment service do not offer balance verification at the time of transaction.

Common Payment Use Cases

Some of the most common use cases include lending and market places where the solution can dramatically reduce NSFs, optimize cash flow, streamline back-office operations and improve payment security. Another would be legal and real estate where you can increase revenue with significantly reduced fees and decreased chargeback risk.

In summary, together VoPay + Plaid payments improve efficiency by verifying user identity and bank information prior to processing the transaction, minimize NSF fees by having visibility into available funds and reduce the access to funds time to just 24 hours.

Are you a developer? View more details here.

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A Cashless World Infographic

Cashless World

Our friends at Payments Canada recently conducted a survey that showed how the pandemic has dramatically shifted Canadians’ payment habits. As we look at some of the highlights below, it’s clear the shift to paperless and cashless spending habits has dramatically accelerated. For example, 62% of Canadians are now using less cash. How have your spending habits changed and what’s your prefered method of payment?

A Cashless World Payments Infographic

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