e-Transfer for Business: A Complete Guide to Real-Time Payments

Jun 2, 2022

“Interac e-Transfer for Business is poised to do for business payments what Interac e-Transfer did for the personal cheque.

Todd Roberts, Canadian Payments Leader at Deloitte Canada.

The digital payment transition is happening everywhere. We have seen consumers replace cash with credit cards, debit cards, and peer-to-peer (P2P) payments worldwide. As a result, the demand for innovative payment solutions and the switch to digital payments has become a necessity for businesses—seemingly overnight.

According to Interac, 8 out of 10  finance professionals agree that moving away from traditional payment options to digital ones is essential.

Expect a digitized financial system to revolutionize operational efficiency. Any organization reliant on antiquated, cumbersome, and expensive paper-based processes will fall behind. Although many of us understand the workings of e-Transfers on a personal level, businesses need a more robust solution.

So, where do businesses go from here? In particular, when it comes to B2B payments, what solutions can they expect, and how do they work? We’ve revised and updated our e-Transfer for Business guide with these questions in mind.

Whether you are looking to replace the manual, resource-intensive work of processing cheques or add an enterprise-grade solution to your platform, e-Transfers become the perfect option. The e-transfer payment solution lets companies send unlimited e-Transfers in real-time. Not to mention, each payment amount can be up to $25,000.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the most sought-after payment solution on the market for businesses looking to get started today.

e-Transfer for Business Bulk Payments

e-Transfer For BusinessA Complete Guide To Real-Time Payments

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